About us

Mitrotech Ltd. is a company engaged in activity in the industry of Machine Building since 1991. The company has its own production and warehouse facilities situated in the industrial zone in the area of the town of Devnya. It has universal type of machine-tools of which the more specialized are:  Lathe 165, Boring mill, Shaping machine, Gear-cutting machines, etc.  Mitrotech Ltd. is specialized in the production of elements for rubber-band transporters and their wholesome construction. The transport rollers produced by us are extremely reliable and stable in every work environment. Mitrotech Ltd. has a constructive department which enables us to design and produce details and products upon client’s orders.

Thanks to the good experience, the offered produce is distinguished by advanced technological solutions, high quality, excellent functional characteristics and long period of trouble-free operation. Appreciating the good performance of our produce, our clients are:

Solvay Sodi , Devnya Limestone , Marciana Limestone , Devnya Ciment , New Glass ,

KAI Han Asparuh, Euromangan , Elatsite-Med , etc.